Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How to make money from home without a website

How to make money from home online

Share Adfly links online, and get paid when someone open them.

When your short link get 1000 visits, adfly will earn you 3$ or more according to your traffic sources.

For example: 1000 visits from U.S.A will earn you 20$.

How to use Adfly

If your browser bookmark contain many links, you could shorten them, share on social media, online forums, personal blogs, or Youtube.

Even if you don't have links to share, you could install their monetization scripts to your blog or website, and earn money whenever someone enter or leave your home page.

If you don't have links or website, you could earn money from adfly by inviting your friends and relations to sign up. Then, you'll get lifetime commission, 5% on their earnings, and 5% on every advertising order they make.

Why to use Adfly

Its such an easy way to work from home that doesn't need experience or technical skills.

You could share any number of links and get paid on their traffic. And if you don't know where to share your links, you could use their forum to do that.

In addition, their notification area and knowledge base will inform you about the latest feature you could apply to your account to increase your earnings.

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The reason why anxious people can't enjoy life

Always feel distracted
You're here with your body, but your mind in somewhere else.

The mind used to retrieve things from the past, or worry about things that will happen in the near future.

It’s the main reason for your anxiety in the present moment.

But, in the present there're lots of possibilities and opportunities available. And the reason you can't see them is because of your mind, as it used to see the future with the eyes of the past.

Its better to interact with a beautiful scene than thinking too much about your problems.

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How does living in the moment feels like

What does it feel to live in present

Its to feel inner joy and peace when your awareness expand to contain your racing thoughts, negative emotions, and random feelings. Then, you'll begin to see them as a witness from a psychological distance.

Living in present is the interest of your awareness, not your mind. In addition, your mind will produce a resisting force whenever you tend to be present. You could be here and now with your heart, but you'll need to do something to reduce your mind activity.

When the mind think, it regret things from the past or has worries towards things that didn't happened yet. That mental activity consume the most of your attention, and decrease your ability to focus.

For that reason, you'll need to find such a way could quiet your mind, and bring it back to the present. But, doing that is too hard to do. You can't change your mind's nature over night. That might take years of practice.

After all, if you have tried free writing before, you might explored that your mind become quite after doing that. That happen when you pull unimportant things out of your working memory, the path between your conscious and subconscious mind.

By freeing your working memory of these unused thoughts, you're enhancing the pathways between your both minds. That makes your conscious mind more open towards your hidden beliefs and thoughts. And when you begin to notice them, you'll have better chance to change the way your conscious mind used to think.

Mindfulness too is another way to open your mind towards what's going on. You might feel dump for the first minutes, but by giving additional few minutes, you'll notice that there're so many important things deserve to get your attention than your racing thoughts.
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Increasing your IQ score through training your working memory

How to raise your IQThe N-back test increase your IQ score through expanding your working memory.

Your working memory is the path through which data are been transferred from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. The whole process looks like watching a Youtube video, buffering speed is everything.

But, the depressing thing about that working memory is its capacity. According the latest neuroscientific researches, a mean person's working memory only has 4 slots, or able to carry 4 different types of data at once.

For that reason, people with busy working memory are too far from reaching their subconscious mind, and solving their complicated problems.

The subconscious mind is able to carry tons of data, but the conscious mind has a very limited capacity.

It’s the main challenge faces scientists, artists, and mindfulness masters over years. They were busy in developing a new mindset which allows them to enlarge their working memory capacity, and reaching more brain potential.

In fact, there're many ways could allow you to expand your working memory, but most of them aren't effective.

I've read about an old practice on Quora, and its concept is to free your working memory through writing those things you don't want to remember now. That might enhance your brain processing speed, but it take much time.

But, the N-back test is more smart and effective. You could do it anywhere and feel your working memory improving, but remember that its complicated to understand for the first time.

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Creative or Mindful: How your mindset shape your reality

Your mind shape your reality
Your subconscious mind is able to do great things when your conscious mind stop looking through the same point of view. So, to keep yourself more engaged in the creative process, do less thinking, and enjoy your time.

The time you spend in nature is helpful for fixing the way you used to think. You need to drag that new habit within your daily routine, instead of thinking too much, and isolating yourself from life.

Loneliness is a killer when you don't know what to do, or didn't learnt anything could help you use your spare time, and harness the power of your racing thoughts.

Mindfulness vs Creativity

Its easier for someone to set quite for a few minutes than changing his mindset. Many people believe that practicing mindfulness allow them to find inspiration on purpose, that might be wrong.

In fact, mindfulness make you figure out that the way you used to think is holding you from developing a better mindset.

But, scientists and artists could do that effortlessly through practicing their skills, and unleashing their main talents.

Creativity is the art of making new things happen through using skills or imagination.

To be creative, you'll need to break the rules and leave your routine thinking or expand it.
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The secret to achieve your untapped desires

How to achieve your full potential

To be the one you wished make sure to do what you could, and delay what you couldn't do, or keep it in mind.

I've used to do the things I could, and delay what I couldn't do or keep them in mind.

What I learnt about the subconscious mind says that, its activity begin at the moment when your conscious mind let thinking. So, your subconscious mind work as a crawler, direct your attention to everything related to your desires, and try to make them happen.

Use the power of imagination

Your brain like your body doesn't differ imagination from reality. For that reason, imagination will beat your rational thinking every time.

In addition, imagination is used by your brain all the time to associate unrelated things together.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How the speakers sound break a glass pane

Sound break glass

Glass has a natural resonant frequency like every mental on earth.

The glass pane will vibrate if stimulated by a sound wave more than its resonant frequency. By increasing the sound wave amplitude, the glass pane will broken.

This method could be used in medicine to break up the kidney stones without making any injury.

Source article
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3 Daily routines will make your brain organize itself

How to organize your brain
The human brain has unlimited memory storage and creativity.

But, the mind don't have more than 4 things to pick at once.

Looks like watching a Youtube video with low internet connection. The buffering speed of each video is what controls the whole process.

Like Youtube, your mind and brain are interacting together the same way. Your working memory has a vital rule in controlling the process of storing and retrieving data from your brain.

So, if you need an organized brain then, you'll need to expand your working memory.

And remember that you can't force the brain to do anything. It do things faster X times than your mind.

The upcoming routines wouldn't change your brain over night, but its helpful in accelerating your brain's ability to organize itself.

Write what comes to mind

Putting down your thoughts on paper about any topic empty a mental space for your next writing activity.

Your brain will start filling that empty space with thoughts around your chosen topic. And by repeating the process, your brain will get more thoughts from its memory storage, and organize for your use.

Do nothing for a few minutes

The human brain work better during break times. As it work itself, it will begin to finish the processes it didn't ended before. And that makes it work faster.

If the brain has a mess of data, it has better chance to organize them whenever you take a break.

Name your racing thoughts

There's nothing will stop your mind from overthinking. The racing thoughts made many people feel stuck of their minds.

But, mindfulness give you an option to be aware of them. So, when a thought pop, stop resisting it, and just give it a name.

Doing that allow your mind to be more open towards thoughts. It gets ready for them whenever they rise, and has option to benefit from than rather than neglecting them.
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How to trick your brain to step outside your comfort zone

How to get out of your comfort zone tips
Creativity happen under the consciousness level.

Your subconscious mind begin to associate unrelated ideas together at the moment when your conscious mind stop thinking of your problem.

After all, inspiration strike your brain when your subconscious mind form an idea or find a solution.

It’s the very basic process happen in every human brain. And its been used by mean persons, artists, scientists,..

The problem here isn't about how to think creative. Its about the nature of inspiration. You might spend years before inspiration strike your brain. That's why many people feel stuck with their problems.

To accelerate the creative process you'll need to make your mind stop thinking. One easy way is to get busy in something else.

Another easy way for doing that is to benefit from these few minutes before sleeping. The human brain has better chance to produce creative ideas and insights when the mind calm down.

But, its not easy to calm down your mind. It always overthink things and doesn't like trying new things.

For that reason, many people found it too hard to practice mindfulness as its opposite to thinking. They feel the resistance of their minds in the first few minutes.

Expand your comfort zone

If you don't able to change the things you used to do, this way is for you.

It allows you to avoid the resistance of your rational mind by keeping your comfort zone, and including new things within it.

In simple, this method require you to stop thinking hard to replace your old habits. Its concept is to develop new habits beside your old ones.

That might take time, but its compatible with the nature of your mind.

By including new things in your routine, you're allowing your mind to see alternatives when a problem happen. It’s the easiest way to think creatively on the long run.
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Monday, June 18, 2018

How living in present unleash your creative confidence

Creative confidence exercises
A meditative mindset suddenly appear at that moment when your mind begin to notice what's going on. Your rational mind switch from analyzing to observing people and events.

Through your five senses your brain begin to listen intentionally to everything. The conversation between two men, the whispering sound of a child, the car wheels touching the road, the white noise coming from trees..

Its that moment when things interact with each other like a symphony. You feel interested to listen and understand rather than overthinking.

The present moment is the perfect environment from which your best ideas rise. It’s the beauty inside everyone, and couldn't be found by using the mind.

Find the access to the present moment

There must be a sound, pick, feeling, taste, or smell bring your mind back to the present.

During that, your working memory begin to pump tens of thoughts trapped since long times. Your subconscious mind begin to unleash its creativity, and your conscious mind begin to relax and watch.

You don't have to apply a technique or do an exercise to put yourself there. You already was there since you were child. All needed is to return back to your core.

Living in the present means exploring the beauty around you by using your awareness, not your mind.
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How the human brain connect unrelated things together

Connect unrelated ideas
There's a small circle and big circle.

But remember, you don't have a pencil to draw a line between them.

If there's no pencil, there's no possibility.

But, through imagination you could make impossible things happen.

So, to solve that creative challenge, keep the distance between the two circles, and get the help of your imagination.

The art of creative thinking not busy in each idea content. Its main interest is to make a relation between them. And it uses imagination to put or change these relations.

Then, by using your imagination, you could find that these two circles might be:

  • The sun and the earth
  • Small and big gear

And now, you're ready to figure out which systems these components are parts of:

  • The solar system
  • The bicyclette 

From the previous example, we deducted that:

The conscious mind way of working is to match ideas together through using logic, like drawing a line between two circles.

The subconscious mind's way of working is to understand the relations between far ideas with keeping the distance between them through using imagination.
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How to unlock 100% of your brain

How to use your full brain
Salvador Dali was setting on a chair holding a spoon in his hand settled over a plate on the ground. When the spoon fall on the plat, it make a sound that will awake him. Then, he begin to associate the last thing came to his mind with his challenge or issue.

When the mind calm down, there will be a little chance to use your subconscious mind.

If you have a problem, your conscious mind will overthink it until reaching a dead end. After that, your subconscious mind will associate your problem with what you know until solving it.

After all, inspiration will strike your brain at sudden times and places.

It’s the same concept scientists and artists used over years. And its working because the conscious mind is always anxious and overthink things. Your conscious mind make you feel worry or fear of things that didn't happened yet.

For that reason, many people tried the spiritual practices like mindfulness in order to calm down or switch off their conscious minds for a few minutes, and making their subconscious minds work on their problems with the hope to get inspired.

Understand the nature of inspiration

For a mean person, inspiration might take years to strike their brains. But, its easier for artists and scientists to get there. Artists enjoy their time by unleashing their creative talents like drawing.

That because the subconscious mind enjoy doing that kind of activities. Otherwise, the conscious mind enjoy analyzing, and overthinking everything.

Many people suppose inspiration as these unusual thoughts come at unexpected times. Inspiration might be related to the idea timing.

Me for example used to get my best ideas in the early morning or before sleeping. In both times, your brain produce alpha brainwaves, the mindset of dreaming and creative thinking.

In that mindset, your mind relax, and your brain open new possibilities for the mind to solve problems was impossible to be solved before.

Mean persons could access the alpha mindset by taking naps, doing nothing for a few minutes, visualizing, or daydreaming.

Develop a creative mindset

That might happen by adopting new habits within your routine thinking. It’s the easy and slow way to expand your routine thinking without facing the change resistance.

Your new habit could be anything. You could for example learn new skill every week, have new friends, or practice mindfulness.

You don't know where that will put you. During faculty and while learning English, my passion with the Internet led me to learn rapid typing, my job now.

While learning rapid typing, I was interested to learn a new way of thinking allow me to use my brain like the keyboard. When you suppose the brain as a keyboard, your limited thinking would prevent you from unlocking wide areas of the brain, and improving your life.

Unfortunately, there's no proven way could help you do that, except for the latest neuroscientific researches, which found that the brain is able to change itself with every new thing you learn. So, by learning new things, you're improving your brain neuroplasticity.

Learn thinking outside the box

It’s the most significant skill that everyone should learn to activate his creative brain. And its too hard because of your thinking frames.

The way you learnt at school or at home is one reason for that. Thinking outside the box made from the beginning to spin around challenges for the reason to find new angles to look through them, and find what you didn't found before.

Sometimes, solving a problem require reframing it many times. There's a believe says that "The solution exist in the problem.".

If you want to learn thinking outside the box, read Edward Debono's books, Lateral thinking.
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+ 15 Ways to switch off your mind & unleash alpha brainwaves

Activate your alpha brain waves
Visualizing something like an apple allow you to decrease your rational mind activity, and unleash your subconscious mind.

Our brains doesn't differ visualization from reality and our bodies too. So, when you visualize a relaxing scene like being in the beach, your brain will produce more alpha brainwaves, and your rational mind will calm down, and enter a meditative state.

That meditative state is the key to think more creatively, and find solutions for your complicated problems.

In fact, many scientists and artists reached that state of mind. Salvador Dali for example was relaxing on a chair until his body tap into a state between awake and sleep. That how he was finding unusual ideas, and solutions for his problems.

Everyone else has the ability to reach there. Its easier to be calm before sleeping than while awake because of the rational mind activity.

Your rational mind doesn't stop thinking and always feel anxious. Therefore, your subconscious mind is more wide and open. Its able to strike your brain with new insights, solutions..

Its too hard to reach the alpha mindset while your rational mind is active. For that reason, neuroscientists developed activities might help you calm your mind. That put you closer to the alpha mindset.

From all of these activities, I've found a few of them worked with me, and might help you relax your mind:

  • Listen to music
  • Go for a walk
  • Listen to your surroundings
  • Watch an old movie
  • Write free what comes to mind
  • Think before sleeping
  • Go into a visualization session
  • Try mindfulness meditation
  • Learn new skills
  • Develop new habits
  • Set down without doing anything
  • Take breaks 
  • Observe an object moving from left to right
  • Listen intentionally to a conversation
  • Take a deep breath
  • Count down from 100 to 0
  • Fix your body position for 15 minutes
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Sunday, June 17, 2018

How mindfulness improve your problem solving skills

Solve problems with open mind
It was 7 o'clock when my brain got it.

After spending the whole night trying to solve a complicated math equation, my feeling of depression forced me to sleep.

I was interested to solve these things during secondary school. As I heard "Inspiration come with challenges.".

And for the reason I was believing in that, I've tried to solve the 9 dots puzzle, read about thinking outside the box, and tried to apply random word brainstorming.

Over years, I've used to live with too limited mind, except for these inspiration flashes stroke my brain when I was mindful.

For a mean person, they doesn't happen easily. Sometimes, it take years before an inspiring thought come to your mind.

Thinking with an open mind

One day, I had lots of writing work, and all of it was containing math equations. That seemed impossible to finish them for the first time.

But, during these depressing moments when I was mindful, my vision gone clearer.

I simply asked: What I need to do with that?, and the answer was obvious: I need to write them the same as my writing speed.

Answers become clearer when you think with an open mind. That could happen by giving yourself the possibility of doing something.

You could say for example: What could I do to do that? rather than: I can't do that.

Becoming more creative

Mindfulness give you a chance to exit your rational mind. Doing that allow you to get outside your comfort zone.

But sometimes, doing that seem impossible because of your mind. It will do anything to put you again in your comfort zone, or think rationally.

Rational thinking is good, but not helpful when with solving complicated problems. Instead, using your subconscious mind help you figure out how to do that.
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2 Seconds without thinking activate your present awareness

Present moment awareness
When something new happen, your mind take second or two to start thinking.

During these two seconds you could easily experience the present moment awareness. Its an intuitive activity doesn't rely on the mind.

To understand the present moment awareness, suppose your mind as someone paining an image using a pencil, and your awareness as another one using colors to make that image more obvious.

You can notice that when a new sound pop while you have no thoughts in mind. You feel that everything was here, but you didn't gave enough attention.

Using your awareness make your mind stop thinking, and your brain produce more creativity.

Remember that, your awareness would be available for second or two. Its your only chance to experience the present moment awareness, and feel your peace of mind.

You can do that anywhere, at home, in the office, while walking. Just pay attention for the second or two before thinking.

Also, you could do the same thing by noticing the little space between your breath-in and breath-out.

These little periods make you aware of your mind, and give you an access to hidden parts of your brain.
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