5 Adfly tricks to maximize your earnings by (20 - 100%)

Adfly login

Login easily with your Facebook account.

top countries

Easy & descriptive dashboard to know your daily earnings, top referring countries, and domains. 

announcement area

The announcements area inform you about the latest updates that help you earn more from Adfly, and increase your balance. 

Adfly tricks 2018


full page script
  • Website entry script get paid per every one enter your website. 

mobile app ads
  • Full page script Earn you from everyone enter or leave your website. 

  • Stop adblock users Make your visitors enable Adfly to their browsers.

  • Mobile app ads Allow Adfly links to work with your site mobile users, and double your earnings. 

  • Skip ads adverts When someone click the skip ad button, a popup window open beside his destination link, and earn you from both. 


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