Need Neobux referrals? Get direct referrals fast without buying

How to get free referrals
What brought someone might bring another one.

Every time I open my dashboard, I feel excited to know how much my referrals became. 

Although they were three the last time, I'm still have passion to write more posts about my affiliate programs.

What's surprising that my referrals registered using my referral links which I dragged in posts that I've written since long time without paying any attention to them. 

They were something written, and forgotten.

Writing SEO content

With blogging, you'll need more patience before getting results. 

Being more patient help you know what works, which posts get comments, which posts your readers like to share, and which posts convert well.

In addition, most of blog posts that you wrote around specific keywords will bring real readers, and customers from search engines, whom will increase your traffic, and conversions.

So, If you want to know what I meant by that, you can analyze this post: 5 Adfly tricks to maximize your earnings by 20 - 100%


Another good way to get referrals is to use the comments area. Its more effective than posting.

On social media, especially Facebook, you can get direct referrals from the comments area. 

Even by dropping your link, or starting a conversation with someone.

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