Saturday, April 14, 2018

3 Times inspiration struck my mind

A thought came to mind
How inspiration looked? A sense of surprise struck my mind every time I solved a problem.

Over years, my mind couldn't handle my problems than the brain. The mind led me to nothing new, but the brain putted me always in a creative mindset.

That's how artists made their great works, scientists made their inventions, and great civilizations achieved since long times.

New ideas are easy to reach, but you can't force them to pop. Instead, they used to strike at unexpected times. Their nature is stranger than your old thoughts. creative ideas seems silly & wild the first time you find them.

Solution just poped in mind

Just decided to look again without thinking. The night before I was thinking hard to solve a complicated math equation.

After a few hours, I felt stuck, and gone to sleep.

Experts demand to wake up early. Lots of new ideas can pop that time, in which the brain seems active, and the mind seems relaxed. You're closer to a relaxed state of mind called Alpha.

So, I woke up earlier, looked again to my problem, and the solution just poped in my mind.

Knew what to do

I was depressed to have lots of work without knowing how to end it.

I sat relaxed without thinking. And after a few minutes, a sound in my mind said that:

You'll need to write equations the same as you writing speed.

I thought how to do that for additional few minutes. After a while, I figured out that every symbol I insert in the equation has a name or shortcut.

So, I opened Google quickly, and wrote "Word 2010 equation shourtcuts" then, I found tens of them.

Now I can write math equations the same as my writing speed.

Noticed something new

Before falling sleep, your mind goes in a relaxed mindset "Alpha". That time is good for your thinking to expand, and find new ideas.

Once a day, I stretched my body on the bed, trying to sleep.

After a while, my mind gone relaxed, and my brain gone activated.

What I noticed was that:

My brain was totally free to think, and generate awesome ideas, but after awake, I fetched my mind without finding any creativity.


The mind can organize ideas, but has no chance to think creative.

On the other hand, the brain can lead you to awesome ideas and solutions to your complicated problems.

Sometime, you need to let the mind, and activate the brain. That's how great thinkers made their best work.

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