Monday, April 30, 2018

4 Secrets my brain told me about life

Interesting facts about the brain
After I close my eyes, and inside that darkness, there's a creative genius show up slowly. Its the brain.

According to science, the brain is the most complicated biological device in the universe. Its too smart, and has the ability to handle many things at the same time.

According to artists, the brain is their unlimited source or creativity. Its what makes them enjoy doing things, and have excited lives.

According to scientists, the brain is what gift them with innovative ideas. Its what make them spend nights thinking to figure out how to solve a problem.

According to me, the brain is my wise friend exist inside my body. Someone can protect me from danger, help me to overcome challenges, change my life slowly, and make me special.

As you know, we humans are in a place near the mind not the brain. The mind can understand us better, and tell the brain what to do. If both of them reacted in harmony, you'll be able to do great things, but that seems impossible to happen.

You'll feel stuck due to that, and sometimes when your mind calm down, you'll hear a sound like whispering inside your head, telling you great things about yourself, and life.

Whenever you calm down, the brain will show up, and tell you things like this:

Every problem has a solution

The thinking interested to find solutions is more effective than that thinking busy in problems.

Searching for a solution or alternative makes you more creative. That allows your brain to use a more creative thinking patterns, and leading you to extraordinary solutions.

Challenges provoke creativity

Challenge is something outside your comfort zone. It forces your brain to think in a new way.

By challenging yourself, you can get the best of your brain. Playing chess, solving cross words, or planning makes your creative juice flow, and increase your creative output.

The mind can't change itself

Sometimes, the brain consider the mind as a thought. You can't solve complicated problems because of the mind. It uses the same thinking patterns used before.

But the brain can think more creatively by combining old thoughts into creative ideas.

Present is the key

Inside the brain, there's no past, there's no future, there's only present.

Its the moment in which you can create new things, and make real progress. Present is the path to your unlimited creativity. 

Being present doesn't need more thinking. That requires to stay calm, and do nothing.

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