Sunday, April 29, 2018

Adfly review, features, and earning tricks

Adfly review and earning tricks
Adfly pays high for unique traffic, and cost less when advertising. You can get 5000 unique visitors only for 5$. 

Its a good place to start making money online, and promote your online business.

Higher CPM rates 

If your visitors came from USA, Canada, or United Kingdom then, you'll get > 10$ per 1000 views.

Autopilot money making system 

Scroll down to the announcements are to get informed about the latest updates, features, and money making tricks, which you can apply instantly and maximize your earnings by 20 - 100%.

Legal & easy to share 

You can share Adfly links on social media, blogs, upload videos, post threads on forums, or make new paste on Pastebin.

Alternative to Google Adsense

You will earn money by sharing your links, installing scripts to your blog, or uploading videos to your channel.

Their minimum payout is 5$. Adfly earn you money while you're doing your work, or searching the Internet.

High paying affiliate program 

Adfly offers 20% life commission on everyone that your invited and registered using your referral link.

If you have webmaster traffic, you can invite them and earn 5% on their earnings per life, and 5% on every advertising order they make.

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