Monday, April 16, 2018

Becoming a better version of yourself

Becoming a better version of yourself
You're the hero of the movie.

You seem like someone in front of a TV screen, feel empathy with a child crying, feel anger of someone left school, feel proud of someone made success, feel quite to see what's going on..

Actually, you're doing the same inside the brain. It's the movie making expert, in which you're the hero of every movie produced, and the audience too!

You feel anxious to see yourself don't know what to do, feel worry about yourself towards what's coming, and feel sad to see yourself not able to achieve goals..

In fact, you're doing that because of emotions.

Emotions are what tight you with what's happening inside the brain & life. What drawn you in a movie are emotions. You're special because you've them.

Computers could think

You've a brain can think faster than any computer, a body can do very accurate movements than any robot, and emotions are what tight them together. 

Emotions are the closest thing to your human being. They're what link you with everything else inside yourself.

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