Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beware, Creativity is a double-edged weapon

Creativity is a double-edged weapon
Although Alfred Nobel invented the gunpowder to be used in mining, and transportation, it had been used in wars, and for killing people.

Be careful the next time you find new idea, or invent something. It could be used in a wrong way. Besides, you should do something for them more than putting them on paper.

Creative ideas are been made by your brain for the reason to solve problems, enhance life, not to be neglected, or used wrong.

To start with creativity, you'll need to put your mind in a new framework than your routine thinking. That's how to improve your thinking quality, and keep your creative juice flowing.

Creative problem solving

The advertising executive Alex Osborn invented brainstorming in 1938 to be used as a creative problem solving technique.

The brainstorming concept was allowing ideas to flow without restrictions, in which a group of people shout ideas out, for allowing a more wild ideas appear on surface, keep their creative juices flowing, and improve their ideas quality.

Art of deception

During the world war II (1939 - 1945), The United States army defeated the German army using a virtual unit called "Ghost army".

They brought college students, artists, and a few soldiers to create modules of tanks, rockets, and cannons that seem real if seen from far distances. That worked and made great success.

Creative dreams

In 1956 the German chemist August Kekule explored the structure of the benzene cycle in a dream.

In his dream, he saw a snake biting its tail, with a six dots organized in a hexagonal shape inside.


Creative ideas & inventions could be used badly. In addition, they has strange nature, come to mind at sudden times, and need more than recording to be used.

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