Monday, April 30, 2018

Enhance the brain's ability to solve problems

How to improve problem solving skills
Decided to spend few minutes everyday doing the same thing after I felt that creative juice began to flow.

It was before sunrise when that feeling of presence showed up. Before that, there was a big noise inside my head.

What I did was something I've used to do in the past. Every time I feel stuck, I simply spend few minutes with myself without thinking.

That time was on the roof, and I got lost in the scene for a few seconds. 

These few seconds made me forget my problems which allowed my creative brain to work on them.

They didn't got solved, but I begin to get closer to solve them. Those few seconds changed the way I used to think a little.

So, I decided to enhance my brain's ability of solving problems, not changing the way it does.

I can benefit from my brain by letting it work while enjoying what's happening in the present.

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