Saturday, April 14, 2018

How do you make money on the Internet

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In the third world countries, unemployment rates increase everyday.

That's why qualification holders have no chance to find their dream jobs. Competition too increase in parallel with unemployment. After finding a job, you'll need to prove yourself first in order to keep growing.

On the other hand, to cover the living payments, there's no escape from finding any job. So, lots of qualification holders decided to exchange that miserable reality with better one.

As a result, lots of them thought of using Google as their way to achieve their dreams instead of suffering from their realities.

Ways to make money with Google

You can find & learn anything online. Write a few words in Google then, you'll get thousands of relevant websites, images, videos, books..

Earning websites are offering easy ways for their members to make money online, and affiliate commission per life.

After signing up for one of them, you'll get a unique affiliate link that you can share online, and get commission on every signup.

Your commission reach up to 70% on their earnings. Not too much money, but good to cover the living payments, pay for hosting, or buy new domain.

These websites pay you to do simple actions like clicking, watching, answering, or downloading. In simple, they pay you to do what you're doing everyday for free.

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