What makes a product sell

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

Unique selling point(s) make you sell any product like affiliates do.

Its able to do that by defining what makes your product stand out, or what makes your product unique.

Anyone could do that like the mind does with thoughts. The mind used to notice the differences.

So, you could notice the differences between two products, and see what comes.

What's a unique selling point?

You can call it the big benefit, and its referring to what differ your product from the rest. 

For example: AdYoume doesn't need payment account to withdraw funds, while Adfly needs. So, AdYoume is different from Adfly, although they both are link shorteners.

Note: Unique selling point is your proven way to make money with affiliate marketing. It ensure your success, but its too hard to find at the first time. You'll need to do additional effort before finding it.

Otherwise, there're easy ways you can use, not proven 100%, but could help you know what's unique about your affiliate product.

How to find your product's unique selling point?

You don't have to pay for someone to get it. Instead, you'll do it by yourself.

In simple, you'll do as the mind does. It loves comparing things together so, it can know what differs something from the other. 

By the way, that's how you can find what's unique about your product:

Make a comparison

Choose a niche that you're interested in, pick two products or websites, compaire them then, find the differences.

For example: I've picked AdYoume and Adfly

Adfly payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, and Payza.

AdYoume payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Web money, CashU, Vodafone cash, and Bitcoin wallet.

So, here's the differences "Unique selling points" of AdYoume:
  • It doesn't need payment account, funds could be withdrawn on mobile.
  • Its an easy way to earn bitcoin without mining.

Also, you can do the same with any similar pair of products, see what's the differences, and deduct what unique selling points to use in promoting.

Although this method is very basic, it doesn't need money, and its rate of success over 50%. I mean, you can try it, and get your first dollar from affiliate marketing.

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