Sunday, April 15, 2018

Self talk: Non-creatives way of living

Talking to yourself mental illness
Yourself: Its Facebook.

You: How you realized that its Facebook?

Yourself: It’s a website with gray background, its posts white, blue navigation menu, friends in the right, and find friends button in the left. Also, there's a footer under the menu beside the right corner.

Yourself: I've seen these words (Privacy – Terms – Facebook©  2018..) for the first time so, I realized that I'm in Facebook.

We humans are attached to the way everything ends. So, instead of knowing where we're, we usually get busy in what's happening, forgetting these frames we worked inside from the beginning.

In simple, you're drawn in your mind and life. That's why you don't have any idea how to think better or change your life. You're doing too much effort with the reason that your life is miserable.

Start from the start

After hard thinking and spending time, you'll find yourself again in the start point. Your brain is doing its best for bringing you back to your old beliefs, habits, thoughts, and feelings. That's why you're not able to change.

In addition, change might take years to become true. Its something against the way you used to think. You're seeking change while your brain is trying hard to fix your habits, and feed your old beliefs.

Ask a beginner

Everything online couldn't help you overcome at least one negative thought. They're speaking about techniques worked for individuals. And every human is unique & original. What worked for someone might not work for the other.

Besides, people who invented these techniques don't know anything about you. On the other hand, you know a lot, but don't have the power to change anything.

For example: I've decided to stop writing since long time, but don't know why I'm still writing until now.

Keep the rules

The brain is awesome, but too strange, and too hard to be understood. It’s the most complicated biological device in the universe. It’s the main reason for existence of great civilizations, inventions, and creative insights.

It’s a treasure, but there's many locks before it. And its too wide & complicated. You'll take years to understand at least one concept it uses everyday.

You don't know anything more than thoughts, feelings, but don't know how they made from the beginning. You're the user of your brain, but don't know how to make it work for you.

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