Saturday, April 21, 2018

3 Reasons why the brain is better when solving problems

What times does the brain work best
The first time I had new idea was in the early morning.

After my mind did its best, I gone to sleep. It was another night without dreams. When I woke up earlier, my mind was relaxed, and my brain was active.

Since long time, I've used to do nothing after thinking hard of something. A few minutes later, my brain will figure out how to solve a complicated problem.

Inspiration is unexpectable

Inspiration wont strike until you reach a dead point. And when you try to bring it on purpose, you'll get nothing. Instead, you should forget everything before inspiration strikes.

Thinking hard wasn't helpful that night. I,ve spent hours without reaching anything new.

The mind is predictable

The mind is faster than the brain, but it feel tired too fast. So, you can trust the brain when having a very complicated problem. Its better in doing that.

The mind consume too much energy while thinking. It uses old thinking patterns that you've used in the past. It deduct a future evens based on the past. And it doesn't like living in the present moment.

New ideas come from nowhere

Think about it. Doing nothing for a few minutes wouldn't cost anything. Otherwise, you can reach something new by letting your brain think not your mind.

That night I was looking deeply at a complicated math equation. And after my mind tried everything without solving it, my brain brought me the solution in the early morning, even without thinking.

Finally, new ideas are available anytime and anywhere until you stop forcing them to strike.

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