Monday, April 30, 2018

The secret to change your brain chemistry without medication

Changing your brain chemistry without medicationThe brain consider the mind as a thought.

The brain produce creativity by combining old thoughts together. That's why you feel stuck fast.

At the moment you're trying hard to solve a problem using the mind, your brain on the other hand is using your mind as one of its thoughts. So, its impossible to change the brain using the mind. Its too limited.

Instead, you can change it by yourself. The secret exist in habits.

Creativity vs logic | brain vs mind

If you supposed creativity as white, and logic as black then, you can easily increase white by adding more colors to black.

You can do the same thing with your brain. You can change it slowly not by eliminating bad thoughts, but by installing new habits, having new friends, or learning new skills. That means to include new things within your thinking routine.

You can do that by writing using your opposite hand for example.

The brain need alternatives to think creatively. That could happen by allowing it to build new neural pathways. By making new things.

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