The unknown talk provoked the brain to think creative

How to spark imagination and creativity

While you're trying to figure out what a group of birds are saying to each other, your mind is coming back slowly to the present moment.

Cars are speaking to each other too. There's a car moving to catch another one on the other road. They're popping, like the heart does. Have you felt that quite noise (bom.. bom..) when your mind ordered your brain to slow down?.

When the mind listen, the whole body will listen, including the heart.

Why the birds talk provoke creativity?

Its something strange, and spoken in unknown language. Your old thinking wont understand it.

As a result, it will pass it to your creative brain, which uses rhythms all the time so, it can easily understand the birds talk.

Music too has the same effect. You can't understand, but could feel it. It changes your thoughts structure while you're listening.

Thought, Pattern, Rhythm

Not only thoughts can help you understand the universe. There're rhythm too. With rhythm you can understand your deep emotions, thinking patterns, and life.

When the mind sees itself only, your thinking goes tiny. You feel like you're seeing the world from a needle hole. You're looking, but feel blind.


From time to time forget that you could think. Choose something speaking without words, and try to understand what it says. Give your mind the permission to listen, make it include the heart.