Saturday, April 28, 2018

What does it feels like to be present

How to be more present
Your mind "the problem solver" could be your biggest problem ever. Its busy all the time, that's why you can't be present that ease.

Its increasing activity are trapping you in the past or the futre. It jumps quickly from a thought pattern to another like a monkey, and you can't catch it.

You need to do nothing with the mind than letting it do what it loves. In another words, let the mind do what it does while you're watching.

I was on the roof while my mind was doing its overthinking, and suddenly that little sense of presence just poped, made me pay attention to my surroundings, and redirected my mind to the present moment.

That feeling of presence didn't last more than a few seconds, but shifted my routine thinking a little. I felt my thinking renewing itself there, and thought to share my experience.

You too could reach that creative mindset not by thinking hard, but by releasing your mind from you for a few minutes everyday.

And remember that the mind is your only access to the brain, the brain is your only access to the heart, and the heart is your only access to the soul.

Being present is the only proven way could put you there "near the soul", where your true self exists.

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