Friday, April 20, 2018

When the heart believe, the mind will follow

Power of bleief
What if someone shared your new content, would you keep writing?

A dopamine rush is enough to activate your lazy brain, and calm your noisy mind. Your brain's rewarding system produce dopamine whenever you succeed. The more you succeed, the more dopamine you'll get.

But, a few people can succeed. Success is your way to make progress. Its opposite word is failure, and it exist everywhere on the planet.

I felt the joy of success since long time, but now I knew what the word failure exactly means.

When you feel useless, fear, worry, and sadness most of the day then, you're experiencing failure. Its too depressing word. Just say it, and see what happens in your body.

You're trying so bad to succeed in anything. On the other hand, it still stealing your life. Its not allowed to succeed again. There're many beliefs holding you back.

One of them will say:

That not gone work, you did that in the past.

Another one will say:

They're better than you.

And finally:

You can't do this.

Losers are prisoners to their beliefs. Every time they tend to succeed, their beliefs will hunt them.

It might take years to change them. Before making success, you have to convince yourself first. Neither the mind nor the brain will change anything. Only the heart could.

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