How artists overcome the creative block depression

Salvador Dali's creative thinking technique
A person is creative to the extent that he fulfills his potentialities as a human being. Carl Rogers

Creativity rely on openness. 

We humans don't only need to survive or adapt with the change. We need to relate to change, and become a part of it. Every human needs to be creative.

Overcome what causes a creative block

Your subconscious mind like a hydrant in the yard, and your conscious mind like a faucet upstairs in the house. 

The subconscious mind is a continuous stream of power from which thoughts reach to consciousness.

To think creative, you'll need to open your conscious mind to all coming thoughts. Like Salvador Dali did in his creative thinking technique.

Salvador Dali was thinking creative by associating his issue, challenge, project.. with the surreal images come to mind during these few seconds before sleep, and after awake.