Thursday, May 3, 2018

5 Low to zero cost small businesses you can practice anytime

I want to start a small business but have no money

You won't feel you're making progress until you get your first dollar weather from affiliate marketing or rapid typing.

They both are one of the most effective things to succeed online, and cover the living payments.

But, they wasn't that ease. I had spent many years trying to figure out how affiliate marketing works, and during that time, my rapid typing job caught me.

Nowadays, anything could help you make money from home. I've tried and read about these 5 small businesses, and you can try them with low or zero cost right now or anytime.

1.Buy & sell domains

Its not allowed to sell a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Blogger blog because they're hosted on domains you don't own.

I've thought once to by a domain. Tried Flippa, but it was too expensive.

On Hostgator, you can get domain for only 0.99$.

2.Search engine marketing

I was believing that having a paid domain increase search ranking. 

That was in the past until my post 5 Adfly tricks to increase your earnings by 20 - 100% appeared in the first page of Google, the first result, for the keyword Adfly earning tricks.

Appearing in the first page doesn't need hard focus. You can do that easily by picking a keyword with low search volume, and low competition.

You can integrate the Keywords everywhere extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser to figure out any keyword's search volume, price, and competition.

3.Direct referrals

If you don't have money to spend online, you'll have to figure out a way to get referrals.

Its your only way to succeed with affiliate marketing, and make money online.

The only way to do that is finding your product's selling point, writing a product description, and sharing your description in the comments area.

To know what's unique about your product, put it in comparison with other similar products.

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4.Rapid typing

You'll need your writing speed to be 50 WPM or more.

If you don't know how to write faster, download the Rapid typing tutor.

To expert rapid typing, learn how to format your Word document. The rapid typer's main job is to convert scanned documents into Word format, and formatting every page well.

That's how to make your customers happy, and keep their loyalty.

You can learn new skills in addition to normal typing like writing math equations, Power point, Excel, Access, or Translation so, you can get paid from many sources, and increase your earnings.

5.Sell old stuff

In the past, I was interested to sell my old phones. That wasn't profitable anymore, but seemed interesting that time.

Now, its easier to buy or sell anything online.

You can use Amazon, eBay, Alibaba,

Pick one of your old stuff, write a description, and don't forget to include as much details as you can.

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