Are you more creative in the morning?

What age are you most creative

An apple fell on Isaac Newton's forehead inspired him. 

After he wondered why it fell that direction not the opposite, that led him to explore the gravity.

Some problems seems impossible to solve until something outside the context happen. 

Sometimes one of your old friends just appear in your life to remind you with something you forgot in the past.

Subconscious mind vs conscious mind

Its that old museum in which there're great things waiting to be discovered. 

On the other hand, there's your conscious mind which reminds you with what to do, and neglect any thought outside your comfort zone.

Your conscious mind might prevent you from reaching your creative potential. Its too limited, and use logic, but the first rule to think creative is to break the rules.

Circadian rhythm creativity

I had better chance to find new ideas in the past where my conscious mind was relaxed. 

I've used to wake up at 6:00 am, think before sleeping, play, solve cross words, take naps. There was great things happening there.

Tap into your creative brain

Your creative brain still in somewhere far from your conscious mind, doing its best to keep you on the right path.