Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to avoid living a meaningless life

My life is meaningless and empty
After I kept myself away from dreaming and looking forward, only a miserable reality left in present.

There's no hope for my mind to still in present. Instead, it travels through time from the past to the future. It doesn't have the skill to change what's happening right now.

My brain on the other hand think randomly with many thoughts.

If you're in a place like that where there's no clue, no hope to change anything, what you'll do?

How to live a meaningful life?

You might read about mindfulness, creative thinking, or neuroscience, and found it interesting to know about your brain and life. It should, but how to benefit from that?

If a technique worked with someone, would it work for you? I had tried many of them since long time, but nothing worked than my dad told me.

He told me things like that:

  • Try again.
  • Be ready for the worst could happen.
  • Go outside.
  • Read.
  • Use your spare time.
  • Have new friends.

His advice "Try again" helped me to overcome my depression during faculty.

When you hear something like that, you feel like you've left something behind you. Its that state of mind when you decide to fix something you've broken.

"Go outside" taught me that I'm not alone in the world. There're other people's lives, dreams, interests, and actions. That helped me to pay a little attention to others, and forget my selfishness.

When you have new friends, you're allowing your brain to make new neural pathways, and see life as if new.

He also taught me to use my planning mind. When I think of the worst could happen, my brain will develop a plan B.

Spare time could help you learn new things, and could damage yourself. If you don't have anything to do with your spare time, don't suppose it as a punishment, its a gift.

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