Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to find the access to the present moment

Present moment awareness
In the mind there're rooms. In each room there's a sound calling.

Have you had that feeling when there're lots of sounds needing you to do something, and you got confused for not answering them.

Why you still witnessing them when its needed to do something..

In your mind, everything goes more complicated that reality. There're things you see impossible, but there're lots of people did them. there're scary ideas, worries, and limited thoughts.

You feel that you're prisoned in that mind you had built since childhood.

In the heart, there's only one sound speaking with no words. It always trying to tell you something you can't understand because of the noise in your mind.

The heart feel, doesn't think.

In each one there's heart, and mind. You can't live with only one of them. you need them both to grow up..

The heart is telling things without words, while the mind doesn't stop talking every single second. The mind use thoughts to associate you with your old experiments exist in the past, and your dreams in the future. The brain is like the control panel to the mind, and its that place from which you can live in present.

The brain is the bridge between the mind and the heart. It contains feelings, thoughts, experiments, and creativity.

If your mind still pulling you towards the past or the future then, you're in a place too far from the brain. In the brain, you might regain that wide thinking and vivid imagination you've lost since long time.

In the brain, there're lots of great talks, instincts protecting you, racing thoughts for keeping you alert, creative dreams, and continuous planning.

From the brain, there're tons of instructions moving through every nerve reaching every muscle in the body, including the heart.

The soul is that amazing creature combining, and containing all these great creatures together in the present moment. The present moment is the clue. It’s the perfect timing from which you can know your true self, feel your heart, understand your mind, and take control of your life.

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