Thinking outside the box real examples & activities

Thinking outside the box examples

Does watching movies increase creativity? My favorite movies are Need for speed, Limitless, Lucy. 

When Imogen Poots said bus.bus.bus that reminded me with the bus story.

Stuck in the bridge

A child suggested to decrease the air pressure of the four wheels so, the bus height will be less than the bridge.

The sunken ship

After they had no solution, someone suggested to fill the ship with ping balls so, its weight will decrease, and it will float.

The empty box

An engineer in a Chinese factory suggested to use a fan for eliminating the empty boxes moving on a conveyor belt.

The farmer's daughter

She picked a stone randomly, and stumbled. Because the stone she left was black, she supposed that what she chosen was white. That's how it saved her father.

Last words

Edward Debono suggests to use images while thinking. 

Images make thinking more elastic and creative. Sometimes, you might be in need to destroy logic when it seems limited.