Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to understand yourself well

At someday, after I felt boring, decided to read some books about psychology. It was old one, and complicated.

I was and still fascinated about psychology. Its that window from which you can explore great things about yourself. Means to understand what's going inside.

After I failed to solve the 9 dots puzzle, thought that there're interesting things inside my brain, but don't have the ability to access them. That's why I gave psychology and neuroscience most of my focus.

On the other hand, I have doubts about myself. Every time I face a problem or challenge, find that discouraging sound saying that I don't have enough intelligence to solve it.

But, there's a few believes saying that everyone born creative, everyone could think creative, or creativity is free.

So, I have that struggle between my encouraging and discouraging sounds all the time. Sometimes, I feel myself able to do great things, and sometimes feel myself weak, and don't able to do anything.

What I found during my whole life is that: There's two persons speaking to me all the time, one of them is obvious, and the other is mysterious.

The mysterious one speak like whispering, telling me great things about myself and the world. Its that sound gifted me with inspirational moments, and unexpected solutions for my problems, but that happened at unexpected times.

The obvious sound was discouraging all the time. It doesn't stop telling me that I failed many times in the past, and sharing disappointing moments with me all the time. It made me feel hopeless and weak.

According to my little knowledge about psychology, my obvious sound was telling all the time without having the ability to change anything. In addition, I'm doing hard effort to know what my whispering sound is trying to say.

Finally, you can't reach that whispering sound until you shut of that obvious discouraging sound. Sometimes, you might have a few seconds to understand what is says, but its too far to reach.

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