Friday, May 4, 2018

Listen to your heart observe your mind

Learning to listen to your heart
Have your heard of someone loved to share every moment in his life?

Every detail is important for a famous one, but mean persons don't like to share their depressing moments.

Emotions don't change that fast. It take years for one's heart to change what it feels. Your mind can't do anything with that. There's no thoughts could change what you feel.

Under any circumstances, there's no hope to change one emotion until it changes itself.

If you don't have access to emotions then, you're losing life second by second.

You can't think of a bright future until you change a miserable reality. What makes a miserable reality is a miserable past or limited thinking.

You might believe that, but we humans are controlled by these emotions we neglected since childhood. The wide world inside the heart hasn't been visited for years. And that's why you feel powerless towards emotions. You don't understand them.

Emotions could give you a little push, protect you from danger, or alert you to remember something you forgot. They're the core of your human existence, your creative moments, your great inventions, and your bright future.

You should renew your friendship with emotions, these old friends you left behind, and complain from them today.

Like the music guide you through a movie, emotions guide you through life.

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