Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mental math tricks: How to become a human calculator

Human calculator tricks
Can you figure out the result of (12.5 * 16) without using a calculator?

That might take a few minutes to solve. It contains fractures and odd numbers.

The latest nonscientific researches found that the brain can think fast and slow. Also, it can mix them when solving problems.

You can easily say 1 + 1 = 2 using your fast thinking, and say 133 + 124 = 257 using your slow thinking or the calculator, but at somewhere there will be no time to use the calculator or your slow thinking.

At those times when math seems challenging, your brain will figure out how to solve something like 12.5 * 16 without even thinking.

You can do like the brain does by using a little trick.

You can multiply 12.5 * 2, and divide 16 /2 so, it will be 25 * 8 then, you can use the same trick again to become 50 * 4, and now its too easy to find the result, which will be 200.

Everyone could become genius in math by knowing the way his brain does it. You can use the way's I've tried over years, and worked with me.

Develop math abilities

Your fast thinking can solve 1 + 1 in a second, while your slow thinking can solve something like that (134 + 551). Sometimes, you will need to use both of them.

For example: To solve 17 + 19, you can separate them into ('10 + 10' + '7 + 9'), or add (+1) to 19 and (-1) to 17 ('17 - 1' + '19 + 1') means (16 + 20), and the result will be 36.

You can apply the same trick on odd numbers, and numbers with fractions. 

For example: 12 * 1.5 could be solved ('12/2' * '1.5*2') means (6 * 3) which equals 18.

You can improve your math abilities by mixing your fast and slow thinking while doing calculations.

Learn accountancy

You can measure the profit by gathering all spent money in one column, what you earned in another column, and get the result by subtracting them.

For example: If you spent (5$ hosting, 10$ campaign, 20$ Internet) and earned (3$ website, 5$ affiliate marketing, 30$ selling old stuff) then, you'll need to combine all rows in the spent column (5 + 10 + 20), combine all rows in the earned column (3 + 5 + 30) means (spent 35, earned 38), and subtract them (38 - 35 = 3$).

Challenge yourself

In the near past, I've used to solve complicated math equations during secondary school. One night, I was trying to solve one, and reached a dead end.

In the early morning, my brain just figured out how to solve it without thinking. It was a good think to fetch my mind, and let the thinking process expand making my creative brain work on it.

You can easily program your creative brain to work on your problems by following the same process.

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