Monday, May 28, 2018

Rapid thinking: Using vast areas of the brain

How to think faster
The mind use the brain like the hand use the keyboard.

Someone use two fingers to write, and someone use all fingers to write.

The more fingers you use, the more speed you'll have, and the less time you'll take.

The rapid typing method isn't selective as writing with two fingers. The second method require seeing the letter picture before pressing it. Rapid typing on the other hand require remembering the last time one of your fingers pressed a button then, combining all these moves into one big image.

The first step is to settle your fingers on these letters: A S D F J K L ;

Then, by moving every finger up - down you can press a few letters at a second.

It’s the same way you can use your subconscious mind by using your conscious mind.

but first, you need to understand the way your subconscious mind works. 

Know which thoughts you're using right now, which subjects get your attention, which sounds you're hearing, or which objects you're seeing.

You'll need to feel your awareness first.

Notice how much sounds you're hearing right now. Don't use your focus here.

Instead, while you're listening, notice from which direction every sound is coming.

Suppose that you're hearing the TV from the next room, the cars from the street, the phone ringing beside you.

Move your attention to every sound then, notice from which place they come.

Notice how many ideas running inside your brain related to something happening outside.

There might be a song annoying you while your friend who told you about it calling you.

Some parts of your body feeling tension while you're hearing something like the fan.

If the fan sound is obvious to your mind, you might seen it, and talked about it with one of your friends.

Remember that your brain is trying to associate every moment of your current life with a previous one. It’s the same way it learns something new.

So, the fan noise might remember you with a conversation you made with one of your friends.

Your brain moves from the TV sound in the next room to the fan noise in the room you're in then, it pays attention to a car moving on the road.

Fan is the bridge between your home, and the car. Every car contain cooling fan, and there're many fans in your home. The prefect state of mind happen when your brain associate the past, the present, and the future. It might use anything like a fan, cup, …

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