Sunday, May 6, 2018

The reason why you can't meditate anymore

Can't meditate anymore
There's a fact says that your mind wouldn't stop thinking until you reach what you planned for. Even it could damage your life slowly when you fix your position.

Mindfulness is your way to live with the least potential ever. There's no creativity with mindfulness. Its main job is to restrict your mind, and make you feel weak towards what's happening.

You decide to live in present while there's a future require planning, and past require learning.

Our minds travel from the past to the future with ultimate speed. We've gifted that mind for a reason. You might feel stuck for fixing your current timing to be in present.

There might be lots of great things you left in the past. The present would be great because of the past, and the future.

Learning from the past, and planning for the future is the key to live with full potential.

I've used mindfulness since years, and it made my life miserable.

Think of your mind as someone living inside you for a reason. Its your way to achieve goals, overcome challenges, and think creative.

For how long you'll neglect these useful thoughts your mind is forming every second. When you pay attention to them, you'll possibly regain your lost creativity. 

The mind is that strong association between you, your brain, and your body.

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