Sunday, May 6, 2018

What happens when someone open your short link

Custom url shortener

An intermediate page that contain advertisement will show up. Your visitor should wait 5 seconds then, click the skip ad button to reach his link destination, and earn you a payout.

The payout you get vary according to their home countries. For example: when your short link get 1000 views from U.S.A then, you'll earn up to 20$.

Your first withdrawal starting from 5$. You can withdraw the earned money on Paypal, Payoneer, or Payza.

Adfly is a link shortener with many twists, and family-safe advertisement system.

You can earn money there by sharing short links, installing scripts to your website, uploading their Wordpress plugin, or downloading their official mobile application.

For the reason that most of the Internet users dislike short links, Adfly is offering two useful features:

  • Random domains allow you to share on social media, and avoid blocking. It picks the most suitable and high paying domains to share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Custom domains allow you to shorten links, and share them under your own brand. You can share Adfly links online using one of your domains or subdomains.

Adfly has two great features for website and blog owners, which allows them to make autopilot money:

  • Full page script makes you earn from everyone enter or leave your website.
  • Website entry script allow you to earn money from everyone enter your website.
  • Pop ad earnings allow you to earn money from everyone enter your website, even without clicking any short links.

On Adfly, there's an announcements area, video tutorials, and forum. They help beginners to make money, and increase their earnings. You can use them to know the latest earning tricks, features, and updates.

Adfly doesn't need experience or technical skills that sharing links. Its trusted according to Scamadviser, and highly rated according to NetBusinessRating.

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