Saturday, May 5, 2018

Why to clarify the whispering sound

Convert whisper to sound

There's a very loud sound telling you what to do. It comes from nowhere, and doesn't stop talking. It might be the sound of someone you trust.

You've used to hear it. Its familiar to you. Sometimes, it control your behavior, and sometimes, inspire you with great ideas.

The beauty in details

When you decide to start a meditation session, picking less details means achieving more success.

Your mind wouldn't handle any thought overload. Even your breathing might seem complicated to your mind.

Once a day, a plus sound in my back head calmed my mind, and made me spent more than one hour without thinking.

The inner you have

It should be your greatest moments ever. When you decide to stop any mental activity, and just listen to what's going inside yourself.

There're lots of great things waiting to be discovered. A few minutes everyday enough to bring them to your consciousness.

A few hours, days, months, or years they will be a part of your human behavior.

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