Sunday, June 10, 2018

2 Life skills the present moment awareness will teach you

Benefits of present moment awareness
Its that slight attention you paid to what's happening made you love being present.

When your mind listen, you feel comfort with anything, including a miserable reality. You wont feel nervous anymore. You just do what you can, and let the rest for your brain.

The present moment awareness makes your mind stop jumping to fast conclusions. It ends your anxiety, and open your mind for new possibilities.

Make better decisions

There's no power in decisions without thinking of the consequences.

In the past, I was interested to get ready for the worst could happen. That because I was interested to know about the future.

In the present moment, there's no need to make new decisions. You can restore what you decided since long time, and see what works now.

There's no need to open more mental files and push your brain to think. Everything will be available when you stop thinking.

Find your inner peace

When you stop pushing your mind to change what's happening, it will relax.

The harmony of your mind/brain will increase when you stop thinking, and just become aware.

Let things happen, and reserve your seat in a relaxed spot from which you can see as a witness.

The present moment awareness bring your full potential then, you can change your reality, and save the wasted mental power.

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