Friday, June 8, 2018

3 Ancient practices will activate the creative side of your brain

Activate the right brain
Everyone has two brains, right, and left.

Although the right brain could help you solve a complicated problem, many people still depend mainly on the left brain in which problems get more complicated, and seem impossible to be solved.

At sometimes, and to avoid feeling stuck, doing some activity like walking can help you decrease anxiety, and improve your problem solving skills.

On the web, there're many practices could increase your creativity, but the ancient practices proved that they could do that effortlessly. 

Here's 3 ancient practices many people used to do while facing a problem to get good results: 

Take a break

"When I face a problem and feel depressed, I let everything and sit down." One of my friends says.

By taking a break, you're activating your creative brain, and giving your rational mind a space to reorganize itself. During these few minutes, there will be a small eureka moments.

Creative thoughts and insights are closer to strike the brain these times. You will notice something you didn't noticed before, solve a problem, or relax your mind.

Observe your breathing

After a tough day, many people prefer to throw their bodies on the bed, and do no thinking.

During these times while you're observing the breathing process, the mind goes more relaxed, and access wide areas of the brain.

It’s the mindset of open imagination putting you closer to that creative genius. These few minutes in which your brain produce more alpha waves renew your mind, and make new ideas pop.

Go for a walk

It’s a mental and physical activity its purpose to relax your mind, and decrease your blood pressure.

I've used to do that for the reason to overcome my issue, and see my life from newer perspective. Walking improve your ability to listen, and enjoy life.

So, when you feel stuck with something, find one of your friends, and just walk, enjoy being present.

Final words

There's only one rule you must keep in mind. Its that you couldn't push your brain to do something on purpose. 

Every brain has unlimited potential, but it keeps most of them hidden. The more you feel relaxed, the better chance you'll have to activate these hidden regions, and think more creatively.

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