Tuesday, June 12, 2018

3 Golden rules you should learn about thoughts

Golden rules of thoughts

The thinking process doesn't end. It simply continue to strike deeper parts of your mind until your brain reflect it again to strike your consciousness.

It’s a continuous activity starts by you and ends with you. You're the only one can kick a thought and get it back. But, when you get the thought back, it will never be the same.

Every thought need a destination to reach

If you knew the reason made you picked a thought from your brain.

That will help you define what purpose your thought should achieve. Which parts of your brain it should reach.

Put the right thought on the right path

You will expert dealing with your brain after putting every thought in its right order.

It’s a skill like talking. When the right word pop in the right timing, the conversation become enjoyable.

The thought timing is everything

You should figure out why a specific thought came at a specific time.

Thoughts don't come and leave randomly. There must be an occasion for that. Your brain sees bigger image than your mind. It’s the creative thinker, and decision maker.

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