Friday, June 8, 2018

5 Easy things if done will increase your creativity everyday

Improve your creativityWe face challenges because we have creativity.

Its our brain main way of working by which it combine different things together, and produce creativity.

That's how our brains could solve a complicated problem or challenge.

Your brain could work 24 hours everyday, but to keep it fresh, you will need to do something like taking a break. That will enhance the way you think, and give your brain a few minutes to do its work.

There're many things could help you enhance your brain's creativity, and these five old things helped me a lot during my life:

Share what you know

Sharing is another way to free your mind from the racing thoughts, and organize your brain.

The brain's full potential will be available by getting thoughts out of your mind. That's because your brain changes every second. And you can't use it by just observing thoughts coming and leaving.

Sharing some of what you learnt is an easy way to avoid feeling stuck, and to expert anything.

Learn new skills

The brain's main concept is to associate what you learn with your past experiences. It’s the habit of that creative genius is to associate different pieces of information together. That's how it produces creativity.

Learning like reading enhance the way you think, and increase your creative output.

And for the reason that you can't change your thinking routine, but including new things within it will must improve the way you think effortlessly.

We humans need to learn new things in order to survive and develop. The human brain needed years to develop the way it process data.

Nowadays, its too easy to learn something new. The Internet for example contain lots of tutorials you could learn, and apply.

Listen more than you talk

Active listening improve your chance to activate your right brain, and become present.

Its the skill humans used over history, and we're loosing it nowadays. With listening, you can enjoy life.

When you listen to something like someone talking, you're improving your analyzing and visualizing skills the same time.

Its an easy way to activate your creative brain, or use both sides of the brain.

Think before speaking

The mind expectations of something will definitely reach the same end reached before. and for that reason you must break that bad habit.

Giving yourself a little pause before speaking makes your mind think of another better way of saying something. That's how you could say something people will like.

Whom think before speaking seem more wise than others. We live in the era of technology revolution, but speaking is an original skill all of us must apply everyday to enhance his life quality.

It’s the free way by which you will get new friends, and form a new community.

In addition, it’s another skill the brain learn and develop over years. You need to use the brain to avoid loosing it.

Give your brain some space

The brain is the most efficient biological device in the universe.

It has the ability to do great things, and accomplish great achievements. But, you need to keep it fresh in order to do that.

One easy way to enhance your brain is by taking breaks. That means resting your rational mind for a few minutes, and letting your brain do its work.

During these few minutes, your brain will connect the unrelated ideas together, produce more creativity, and enhance your thinking quality.

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