Saturday, June 9, 2018

+5 Ways to survive in the age of information overload

Survive information overload
Search engines like Google contain tons of information shared by people like you.

You might read blogs or written lots of them in addition to millions are doing the same.

For a mean person, handling these tons of data might take years.

There's a specific need for everyone to learn the skill of catching that information overload in order to develop and survive.

There're many ways to do that. Here's 5 ways help you make the information overload work for you: 

Learn speed reading

Speed reading means to skim a long text when you don't have time.

It’s the skill gives you a brief information or general idea of what a long text is trying to tell.

The only way to learn speed reading is to stop saying the words in your head while reading. Its about using your sensory data to recognize the words images before your speaking brain process them.

Speed reading gives you an access to move fast on the web. To get brief info about what's going on while reading long books.

Upgrade your rams

The brain's working memory has only 4 slots. It contains 4 items at a time.

It prepares relevant information to what you're doing. The latest brain researches found that the brain efficiency related to the working memory.

To increase your IQ you'll need to add more slots to your working memory or free it up.

One basic exercise to improve your working memory is to record everything that you don't need to remember right now.

For example: Your email username and password, your friend's name, your next blog post topic..

Free up your mind

Taking a break is an easy way to activate your creative brain.

While these few minutes, your brain begin to associate different pieces of information together, and increase your creative output.

In addition, its an easy way to overcome anxiety, and free up additional mental space.

Program your dreams

The few minutes before sleeping gives you an access to your hidden brain potential.

It’s the time of open imagination. Your mind goes more relaxed, and your brain begin to think more creatively.

Its your chance to pull your brain and mind from depression, and reconnect them together.

The few minutes before sleeping give your mind the chance to access hidden areas of the brain, and process more creative ideas.

Use your spare time

Within your spare time, you can do lots of things. Its another old practice allowing you to process these data stuck in your working memory.

When you free up your working memory, you'll experience more creative mindset, and open mind.

You can organize your home and clear your mind too. Spare time is these few minutes in which you can stop feeling stuck, and know exactly what to do.

Practice mindfulness meditation

There's no practice to meditate. It’s the mindset of open mind happens when your mind stop making noise and just listen.

When your mind listen, your attention will settle in the present moment, and enjoy what's going on. So, you can't do anything to bring your mind back in present. Its enough to just notice something like a conversation beside you to be there.

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