Saturday, June 9, 2018

Experiencing the present moment awareness right now

How to stay in the present moment
When your mind stop thinking, you'll notice the conversation beside you. Your attention will begin to settle in the present moment, in which every detail count.

In the present moment your mind feel more comfortable and relaxed. The world seems more renewable than before. You'll notice the updates in your Facebook profile, the air striking your face, and your mind got ready to change the way your reality looks.

I'm still remember what my dad told me since long time: 

Use your spare time, read books, go for a walk, have new friends..

It was about enjoying the present moment. And it doesn't matter how your reality looks. What matter's is how you see it.

When you change the angle you're seeing life from, everything would become better, and you'll feel more relaxed than before. 

The present moment awareness open your mind's selfishness. It pulls your attention from the mind and bring it to what's going on. It’s the easiest way to become a part of that huge universe.

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