Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How following your passion will save your life

Follow your passion
That night, he was typing so fast. I was impressed by his writing speed. It seemed like an artist enjoying his instrument.

So, after that, I began to develop that new skill I've learnt since a few days.

Rapid typing was that new skill I've learnt since faculty, and my alternative job now.

My passion with the Internet led me to learn rapid typing. My writing speed was about 35 WPM in the first few days. Then, I began to write more, and test my speed online.

The program used these days was too boring. I was spending hours fighting feeling boring while preparing myself for a new stage of my life. My brain was more creative that time.

The good thing about rapid typing is that I was wondering if I could use my brain the same way. As you know, the mind is linear, and love logic.

But, rapid typing seems more creative than normal typing. You don't need to know the character printed on each button to know how to write. All needed is to retrieve where every letter exist with the help of your memory and subconscious mind.

While thinking, it doesn't matter which content every thought is carrying. What really matters is from where each thought came from.

To prove my words, remember the last time you were thinking hard to remember something from the past, like a movie name.

The magic begin at that moment when that movie name just pop in your brain. And the process continue by lighting another parts of your memory because of a tiny detail you left since long time.

The subconscious mind seems that moment as an old museum that contain lots of great things. Your past experiences, your great moments, and your creative insights left there for years.

Another good thing about your subconscious mind is that your could program it easily before sleeping to do something in the next day. You can for example tend at which time you'll wake up tomorrow.

My old skill and alternative job "rapid typing" resulted from my passion. So, when you explore your passion, lots of great things will happen to your life. 

Your passion is helpful when making decision. It has the ability to make decision that will save your life in the near future. It’s the creative genius settle behind your noisy mind, and your true self hidden in the heart.

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