Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How a freelancer make money from home

How to make money freelance writing

Writing for the web was and still by biggest challenge ever.

I gave web development my interest since faculty days. I'm still remember these few minutes when I was trying to make a basic web directory coded by HTML on the Yahoo Geocities site. That was in the near past.

Since 2006, my interest moved from Internet cafes to rapid typing, learning English as second language, and ICDL.

That time, the common belief was that all qualification holders whom have additional qualifications will find their dreams jobs faster.

After a few years, that belief wasn't helpful at all when the most percentage of the qualification holders their main aim was to achieve their financial independence through finding alternative jobs, or selling their skills online.

For me, because of having no social skills, I preferred to learn something I could practice in a closed environment, where there will be a limited number of persons. That environment could be at home, in a computer office,..

So, I've decided to learn rapid typing. Its that skill you can practice from home or in a computer office. It’s a freelance job that anyone could use to cover the living payments. 

In addition to rapid typing, and in your spare time you can learn other new skills like: Writing, affiliate marketing, programming, or start a small business online.

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