Thursday, June 14, 2018

How to improve your mind/body connection

How to improve your mind/body connection

9 Units of attention and 9 fingers available every second.

It was my way to enhance my mind/brain, and brain/body connection through creative thinking, and rapid typing.

I've tried to solve the 9 dots puzzle to learn how to think outside the box. And spent nights trying to learn rapid typing. They both was great ways to use more than 10% of my abilities.

While rapid typing, you're allowed to use all of your fingers. And with thinking outside the box, you could hire your 9 units of attention to solve a problem or challenge.

It’s the main concept of creative thinking is to hire everything you have for doing one job.

For example: Observe and object moving from left to write for 30 seconds. 

Move your hands from left to right.

Draw 30 empty circle, and fill them with 30 circular shapes.

Creative thinking or thinking outside the box is a skill like rapid typing. All needed is to know how to start.

The first basic step to learn rapid typing is to put your eight fingers on these letters (A S D F J K L ;), and the right thumb on the space.

And the first basic step to learn creative thinking is to put your consciousness on your 9 units of attention.

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