Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to make a choice on your own

Own your decision
In order to occupy my spare time, I tended to do something new everyday.

After my mind told me to watch a new movie everyday, I found my self confused in front of all these movies. I began to ask, which one to chose?

For the reason that my decision to join the faculty of engineering wasn't good, I've decided to stop listening to myself.

The decision making process isn't easy at all, but there're two major things could help you make better decisions:


Ask for recommendations

Its easier to ask someone for his opinion about something than trying to figure out by yourself.

I usually ask my little brother or one of my friends to suggest a movie for me to watch then, I begin to use the movie actors and actresses names in my next choice. The process goes more easier.

But, choosing a movie is a matter of taste. Your friend might liked a movie that you might dislike. The chosen movie might be so old, contain lots of drama, or its genre not liked by you.

Evaluate your choice

Before you feel stuck, there's a little bonus.

You can use the Rotten Tomatoes website to know which movies got higher rates to begin with them.

During your search, you'll find so many movies you've liked before, and got low rates. On the other hand, you might find movies got high rates and you disliked them.

It’s a matter of taste as said before.

Fetch your brain

You might watched a movie in the near past and liked its story.

Your brain too contains lots of mems that would help you during the decision making process. You just need to notice them.

The process of searching inside your brain might take a few days. So, if you're in hurry, try to use the quick solutions mentioned above.

Make a list

Like free writing help writers to find inspiration, writing down each movie name pop inside your brain will make the process more efficient.

It’s a basic way anyone could use to activate more than 10% of the brain. The brain work better for you when you give it some of your attention. That could be by writing what comes to mind, observing your thoughts, or meditating.

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