Monday, June 4, 2018

How to reach your subconscious mind & manifest your desires

How to tap into your subconscious mind power

Stretch your body on the bed.

Let your attention settle in the present moment. Notice your breathing, heart beats, the feeling of relaxation spread in your body, and the racing thoughts in your mind began to slow down.

After a few minutes, you'll lose the tension in your body, and fall in a more relaxed mindset near the alpha brain waves.

The few minutes before sleeping is a good chance to open your thinking towards new possibilities. It’s the prefect time to rethink of your issues, challenges, problems, and future dreams.

The thinking process thought everyday seems anxious, but these few minutes make the real difference in someone's life.

They're the secret window from which scientists, artists, and mean persons could look to see unusual things, and creative insights.

Dreams too are another source of creative ideas. While you're thinking during these few minutes before sleeping, you might fall a sleep, and find creativity in dreams.

And if not, your brain might gift you with great ideas in the early morning, like what happened to me since long time. 

Creative ideas and inspiration are been formed by your subconscious mind everyday and night. 

But, they couldn't reach your awareness when your mind overthink. They only come during these times when your mind stop thinking, and do something else like being present.

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