Friday, June 8, 2018

How to regain yourself & life perception

Change yourself perception

To be there in the space before your mind.

Let every thought come and leave.

It’s the main key for being present and creative. You can't expert any spiritual activity without doing that.

We humans need our souls to develop.

The heart is the only one can manage the mind, and change the way it thinks. That because the heart exist near the soul.

To enter the heart, you must leave your mind.

Your human existence is like a rooms near each other, and your consciousness is that guest can move through them.

The conscious mind is like someone holding a camera. He can look through the camera to pick a shot, or see images picked since long time.

If you're out that system, you should let that person pick some beautiful shots, and observe it from a distance.

Let your conscious mind do the work while you're setting relaxed in some place. You're not the mind, or the heart. You're both of them.

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