How to trick your brain to step outside your comfort zone

How to get out of your comfort zone tips
Creativity happen under the consciousness level.

Your subconscious mind begin to associate unrelated ideas together at the moment when your conscious mind stop thinking of your problem.

After all, inspiration strike your brain when your subconscious mind form an idea or find a solution.

It’s the very basic process happen in every human brain. And its been used by mean persons, artists, scientists,..

The problem here isn't about how to think creative. Its about the nature of inspiration. You might spend years before inspiration strike your brain. That's why many people feel stuck with their problems.

To accelerate the creative process you'll need to make your mind stop thinking. One easy way is to get busy in something else.

Another easy way for doing that is to benefit from these few minutes before sleeping. The human brain has better chance to produce creative ideas and insights when the mind calm down.

But, its not easy to calm down your mind. It always overthink things and doesn't like trying new things.

For that reason, many people found it too hard to practice mindfulness as its opposite to thinking. They feel the resistance of their minds in the first few minutes.

Expand your comfort zone

If you don't able to change the things you used to do, this way is for you.

It allows you to avoid the resistance of your rational mind by keeping your comfort zone, and including new things within it.

In simple, this method require you to stop thinking hard to replace your old habits. Its concept is to develop new habits beside your old ones.

That might take time, but its compatible with the nature of your mind.

By including new things in your routine, you're allowing your mind to see alternatives when a problem happen. It’s the easiest way to think creatively on the long run.