Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How to write & improve your writing

Improve your writing
Forget everything but writing.

Stop thinking weather your content looks good or not. Just write to do the act of writing.

Make writing one of your new habits. Use writing to express your own thoughts, show up your talents, and spread what you know to get found by its real readers.

Your best words come from the heart

Write when you're in emotional state. One single emotion has the ability to shape tons of thoughts at the same time. It’s the secret motive pushing you to write, and share your content online.

Explore what inspired you to write

When writing, we all focus on what to write about, and forget what made us tend to write.

You may write after hearing a quote that you liked. Read some articles online, and loved to share them. It might be that feeling provoking you to write. Or you write to overcome these noisy thoughts running inside your brain.

There're many things could lead you to write. Just stop focusing so hard, and explore what put you in the mood of writing.

Notice your imagination

Before writing notice weather something provoked your imagination or not. There might be some images poped in your brain before the process begins.

Don't ask for their timing. Instead, ask how they relate to what you're writing about. They could shift your perspective or point of view to more interesting topic.

Steal from the others

A quote said by famous person might trigger your best words to show up. Your best words doesn't exist anywhere but inside your head.

All needed is to find something could provoke them like a quote, a sentence from a book, a few minutes in nature, or a few random words. 

There're many things could provoke your creative brain to help you with writing. Something like random word could provoke your inner author to inspire you with great content.

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