Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Little known way to reach more brain potential

How to use more of your brain capacity

Its difficult to think creative while awake.

But, your brain do that easily during these few minutes before and after sleeping. A thinking master will recommend to think before bedtime.

Scientists over history had found their best ideas before or during sleep. August Kekule explored the benzene cycle in a dream.

If its easy for scientists to reach their creative potential, how a mean person could do that?

Stay longer to have clearer vision

Due to our brain's interest to form fast conclusions, its preferred to spend more time before forming an ideas about something.

You need to be more relaxed mentally and physically. You can do that effortlessly by spending additional few minutes before making a judgement or decision. Means making a mental pause.

That's how your awareness will form a big image of what's happening.

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