Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The reason why self-talk could save you from collapse

What causes talking to yourself

You can see from wider perspective while talking to yourself.

The heart/mind connection seems clearer during these few minutes. You can see big image of what goes inside you.

I've talked with myself many times. That didn't toke a little few minutes, except for that struggle about writing which made me felt confused a little.

My story with writing began with that big exclamation:

Although I can't write, there's a sound telling me that I could write.

I always wondered about that sound weather it came from my mind or my heart?

On the other hand, there's a force pushing me to delete everything I've written. It says that my writing seems horrible.

I've used to find myself confused between these two things, the sound telling me that I can write, and the resisting force pushing me away from writing.

Which one I should believe. Sometimes, I believe in the resisting force, I had no degrees or experience in writing. But, the sound tell me sometimes to give a try.

So, I've tried to learn writing online. I had applied everything I've read.

But, that resisting force becomes stronger every time I tend to move in the other way.

There's an inner critic in the mind, and belief in the heart. And they're struggling every time I tend to change.

When the inner critic says I'm not qualified for change, the belief will say "Give it a try, and see what happens..".

But, the inner critic seems more intelligent, and experienced that the belief.

When the mind/heart systems work against themselves, you're about to crush.

Humans could live with full potential only if their mind/heart systems worked together. Because they're the main two forces dominating the body.

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