Does using your peripheral vision enhance your gaming experience

Peripheral vision training game
"Make your eyes to include the screen corners." My friend says

But, how to do that? you could do that easily by using your peripheral vision, the way of looking allow your eyes to see how many objects are interacting together at once.

Peripheral vision give your eyes more relaxed and wide angle to see from. So that, you could form better understanding of what's going on.

Figurative reading

While reading a book, your peripheral vision make your eyes capture one page per second. That make you form brief of what the book is about before reading it.

How to activate my peripheral vision?

In fact, you can't activate your peripheral vision as its activated all the time.

Otherwise, you could notice it by relaxing your eyes, and including as many objects as possible without focusing on one thing.

Doing that allow unrelated areas of your brain link together, producing more creativity in the brain, and improving your gaming experience.