How to make side money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing programs

If your job can't cover the living payments then, there's no escape from finding another one.

For that reason, I've thought since long time to use one of my affiliate products beside rapid typing.

I'm getting paid from rapid typing at Vodafone cash.

Fortunately, Vodafone cash is a payment method within AdYoume, one of my affiliate products.

So, I thought that using both of them would be helpful. I would be able to cover the living payments, and achieve my financial independence.

But, I needed to know how to earn from AdYoume?

Unique selling point(s)

The first time affiliate marketing worked for me was a few months ago.

After I explored bitcoin 'unique selling point of AdYoume', I've wrote a blog post around that, and shared it on Facebook groups.

I simply dragged my post link in the comments area of public posts, and got 12 referrals for free.

Anyone could promote any affiliate program by writing a copy that convert.