Old stuff - subconscious mind and other things

How to activate subconscious mind
Magic square - timvandeval
Too many things occupies my mind.

How could you get the mind from that, and make it think of only one thing?!

Mindfulness is like a prison for the mind.

Engage more creativity

Can't catch the chance.

Every time I try new things, my mind bring me back to what I used to do.

Its afraid of change.

Sell your phone

Such a great idea!

Creative ideas are silly and wild.

Does that mean they're stupid?!

When the next inspiration strike?

Feel angry of that subconscious mind.

Thinking hard everyday, but no inspiration comes.

Should I get ready by being mindful?

Mindfulness is hard for my noisy mind.

Should I wake up early, at 6:00 am?

My best ideas shown up near that time, that was in the past.

I felt it!!

What Eddie Morra felt in Limitless was his subconscious mind.

That old museum from which new ideas rise.

All experiences you taught since childhood exist there.

Its like a gold mine or old museum.

I got a solution from there once, and didn't repeated again.

Touch typing

Was interested to know how she write like that.

The owner of the cybercafe taught me touch typing after I decided to work there.

Put 8 fingers on A S D F - J K L ; and the right thumb on the space.. was my first basic step.

Thinking like that would be more interesting.

During work days, I tried to solve the 9 dots puzzle myself.

It toke about month without reaching anything!

The solution was online since long time.