The joy of living in present doesn't last

Enjoy the present
Me and my friends used to play football in break times.

Vacations were full of joy..

My old friends taught me how to enjoy every moment. The good moments I don't have here.

My passion with the Internet made me forgot how I was excited in the past.

Become present again

When you see someone sitting in front of his computer screen, you'll know what does it mean to be absent!

Present moment was the only thing I have in the past.

Now, I'm trying so hard to get something I already had!

So excited to repeat those moments again. To live with passion, and to get my true talents back.

Mindfulness is boring

The mind will run every time you trap it.

Mindfulness doesn't mean to be sharp focused. Its the art of being ready for what comes next.

It happens when you give it a wider perspective.

Mindfulness doesn't require disconnecting from live, and following your breaths. Its bigger than that.

Meet old friends

Loneliness like walking in the jungle, you don't know what to expect.

But, living with people make you feel safe. Its that original skill you don't have right now.

You'll need to regain what you had, old friends, true talents,..